23 11 2007


Sagatiba, ‘the pure spirit of Brasil’ has teamed up with Grazia and Carnaby for a fabulous pre Christmas shopping event – any excuse for a party!

Those who appreciate their designer threads will also be sure to love Sagatiba Preciosa – the hottest luxury import from Brasil and a cachaça which has been aged for 24 years.  A complete (but very happy) accident, Preciosa had been left to mature in 19th century European oak barrels since 1982, until it was discovered and duly celebrated in 2004.

Only 3,000 bottles have ever been produced and we have one to give to a lucky Carnaby competition winner!

Stocked only in the top style bars and restaurants across the UK, 5 bottles of Preciosa recently went under the hammer at Christie’s for £2,500.  Chicago’s Beverage Testing Institute, described Preciosa as “an elegant and poised aged cane spirit with a great balance, subtlety, power, and finesse,” and awarded it 96 out of 100 points; making it the only cachaça in the world in the Superlative category of 96 points and over.

Sagatiba also produces Pura: a premium cachaça with a pure, clean spirit, smooth taste and a soft, crystal-clean aroma and the perfect ingredient for the classic Brasilian cocktail, the caipirinha, as well as Velha.  A blend of the finest Brazilian cachaças, which are then slowly aged in oak barrels, Velha embodies care and attention to every last detail – a golden liquid with a fruity aroma and full bodied flavour, perfect for drinking straight.

Visit for more information

Click on the Sagatiba Box to enter your details and be in with a chance of winning.

Click on the Grazia box to register for your free Carnaby Shopping Evening ticket




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